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About Us

North American Tool & Machine Corporation is a family-owned machine shop in central Massachusetts,which has been in operation for over 30 years.  Our highly skilled machinists allow us to support a variety of industries, some of which include industrial lifting equipment, valves, fiberoptics, and power generation.  The materials we machine vary just as much as the industries in which we’re involved—aluminum to stainless steel to exotics.

North American Tool & Machine offers some of the latest technology in CNC milling and turning.  However, we have both CNC and manual capabilities to help our customers meet their machining needs whether they need a prototype or custom part or long run production.

Besides our quality machining services, North American Tool & Machine has a state-of the-art CAD/CAM system to help our customers with design issues as they arise.  To help speed up the quoting process, our customers can e-mail their prints, which are downloaded into our CAD/CAM.  Quote requests are turned around in 24 hours, unless otherwise requested.  Our company has its own delivery trucks.  We deliver to our customers within a 50-mile radius.

What we offer our customers goes beyond our equipment, we offer relationships.  As customers, you think of us as part of your team, our facility as an extension of yours.  Our employees, our biggest asset, understand and agree with this, too.  Even without direct customer contact, our employees, some of whom have been here 24-28 years, build a relationship with you as they get to know your parts and machine them with the highest quality and efficiency.  We have also nurtured relationships with outside service providers with whom we have the utmost confidence.  Our subcontract services include heat treating, centerless grinding up to 5” OD, EDM, waterjet, and plating.  Relying on North American Tool & Machine for your machining needs will save you time without sacrificing quality or competitive pricing.

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150 Plus Years of Combined Experience and Commitment to our Products and to Our Customers!